Retirement in Mauritius, successfully facilitated by Rogers Capital


The premise:

Our client, a Managing Director from South Africa holds an impressive investment company in Mauritius.

After having spent some years in the country, he was on the quest of finding the ideal spot to relocate and retire. The client has assessed many countries including Portugal and Thailand but had a strong penchant for Mauritius due to its proximity to South Africa, its gleaming white-sand beaches fringed with rustling palms and its dominating golf course. Pristine and picture perfect, Mauritius is not only an ideal tourist hub but is also among one of the most enticing and remarkable location to retire

He was referred to Rogers Capital by one of his colleague to assist him in his relocation process as the company has a strong network of securing relationships with key partners to help foreigners take advantage of their new environment in a hassle-free way.

A dedicated and dynamic team of experts were put at our client’s disposal to uphold his endeavours.

The seamless Rogers Capital Process:

The team of professionals from Rogers Capital dedicated enormous time in listening to the client’s need and advised him by showcasing the multitude of possibilities when it comes to relocating to Mauritius.

The dedicated team deployed as many resources as were required to tackle any challenges that were met in the relocation and facilitated this task by accompanying the client from start to end point to visit various villas across the island until he was well settled in Mauritius.

With the many real estate options available in Mauritius for relocation and retirement, finding the right fit for our client remained centre-stage. Meticulous research and attention to detail led to finding the perfect property. The team expanded their search and went beyond their capacity by digging further into finding the ideal property and to provide the client with an exceptional tailored-made service.

In addition to this, the client wanted to own his vehicle and together with our business partners, we helped the client to purchase his desired vehicle within his budget.

After choosing his preferred asset, the team processed and validated his application after which he signed an agreement and seamlessly relocated to Mauritius in three weeks.

Key benefits:

  • Rogers Capital will go above and beyond to meet our clients’ requirements
  • Our process is hassle – free and seamless
  • Relocation demands proper resources. Equipped with strategic business partners, we can handle all requests, from real estate, acquiring vehicles to pet relocation

Retiring by the sea

The conductive environment of Mauritius that guarantees certainty and security makes it a remarkable destination when it comes to relocation. Besides, its exquisite lifestyle and cultural jewel were also add-ons for our client to choose our country amongst the rest.

I am fortunate to have come across Rogers Capital that offered me with a fantastic service. They have not only advised me but went beyond my expectations and took me around the island until I find the villa that best suits me. The team invested much time and effort as a result of which today I am a happy citizen of Mauritius” – said the client.