Why Mauritius

The Mauritius Advantage

Strategically located in the Indian Ocean, our island’s unique geographic location positions it as the ideal gateway into Asia and Africa and consequently, a logical platform from which to promote investments and trading into Africa and Asia.

Over the last few decades, Mauritius has established a strong reputation as a premier International Financial Centre with several advantages that make it an attractive investment springboard especially for Asia and Africa as well as an efficient jurisdiction from where to conduct international trade. Equipped with a highly skilled and competent workforce, a robust and stable regulatory framework, and other advantageous factors, Mauritius is positioned as an International Financial Centre of choice for providing top-notch financial services and investment structures regionally and globally. Despite a history of economic reliance on sugarcane monoculture, Mauritius has transformed into a diversified economy comprising agriculture, textile manufacturing, global businesses, financial services, and FinTech.

This economic re-invention has led to continuous pursuit of local and foreign investment, know-how, and foreign talents to the island’s shores. Over the years, Mauritius has implemented reforms to enhance its legal and regulatory framework and maintain its status as an International Financial Centre (IFC).

To ensure Mauritius remains a viable investment destination, building resilience and responding effectively to international demands in the areas of anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) are integral parts of the island’s development strategy. Recently white-listed by the FATF, Mauritius has successfully navigated through its darkest times and is now poised to further develop its thriving sectors.

Economic freedom index 26th Real GDP growth rate 7.8% DTAAs in place 46 in the Ease of Doing Business Report 13th
Global CompetitivenessReport 52nd EIU democracy index 21st GNI per capita 9,920 USD IPPAS in place 29
flat 15% Corporate tax 3% for Specific Companies and Value Added Tax Unemployed Rate 7.7% For IDI 72 nd French Napoleon code British common law Hybrid justice system Income Tax Progressive 0% - 20%
OECD & FATF White list Baa3 (stable) Moody’s credit rating (2023) Exclusive Economic Zone 2.3 million km2 13.2% FS share of GDP
0.8 high HDI 92.15% 51 49 1,3 m
1st in Africa - Mo Ibrahim Governance Index2nd in Africa - Stock Exchange market cap. To GDP of 90% NO Withholding tax on repatriationCapital gains taxExchange control $ ¥ £ English, French, Creole and Asian languages Languages