Rogers Capital expands into Wealth Management




Rogers Capital, the financial arm of the group has recently launched its new wealth management arm, the Private Client Services. The head of the new department, Antish Bissessur and the Managing Director of Rogers Capital Corporate Services, Roshan Nathoo, outline what this service consists of and the Group’s strengths in this sector.

The emergence of a new offering

Until recently, Rogers Capital’s main offering was structuring transactions (trusts, holding companies, foundations, etc.) historically for Asian markets. It has grown its presence on the African market over the past 5 years – without overlooking traditional markets. The growing number of successful businesses on the African continent in recent years means that there are more high-net-worth individuals (“HNWIs”) both in Mauritius and mainland Africa. Naturally, more HNWIs imply a growing need for assistance in managing personal wealth.

Rogers Capital has closely monitored this regional trend and is launching a new wealth management line for private clients through its sister company, Rogers Capital Investment Advisors. “Our clients do not necessarily have the required time to give due attention to the optimal management of their personal wealth and often require help with this,” says Antish. “We can now assist them in managing their wealth and selecting their investments.”

Personalised assistance

Rogers Capital places strong emphasis on being attentive to their clients’ needs – an essential part of advisory services. The wealth advisor’s primary role is therefore to understand the needs and determine the risk profile of the client. “Everyone has different risk profiles and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works,” says Antish. The advisor makes sure that the client’s preferences and constraints are well documented, for it is critical to align the investments with the values of each individual.

After carefully assessing the client’s expectations, the advisor turns to Rogers Capital’s international partners, including a Swiss private bank and a Canadian asset management firm. “This is a beneficial collaboration for all involved. We capitalise on the proven expertise of our reliable, independent and firmly established partners. Our clients then have access to very attractive investment opportunities, along with our technical expertise and that of our partners,” says Roshan.

A proposal is issued and carefully considered by the advisor prior to its submission, for it must completely meet the client’s requirements. It is important to recall that Rogers Capital Investment Advisors is an independent company, free from any conflict of interest or bias with regards to its clients. Once the proposal is accepted, the investments and their performance are closely monitored.

“We want to use this service to become THE contact point for private clients through sustainable structures and a broad range of investment products. This new activity will help us better serve our existing clients, with whom we already have an established trusted business relationship, in all wealth-related matters.  We are confident that it will also attract many new clients!” says Roshan.

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